Ejaculation Mastery

back to your body whole
getting in touch with your loving soul
tuning into the mystery
feeling embraced by your history
acknowledging all is divine
this root relation will leave you feeling
mighty and fine

Ejaculation Mastery w/ Sacred Spot and Prostate Massage

Move beyond relaxation into healing during this deeply intimate and therapeutic massage experience.  Be caressed you as you relax into altered states of meditation during our bath ritual together and learn and practice the art of ejaculation mastery.  Come back to your body and its natural state of whole body orgasm after the profoundly healing sacred spot and prostate massage.

Ejaculation mastery is achieved using breath, sound and movement techniques performed either individually or simultaneously toward a whole body orgasm experience.   These techniques include: eye gazing to stimulate intimacy and maintain presence; long deep breathing to charge and open the body to receive expanded pleasure;  pelvic rocking for increased circulation and blood flow to the extremities; Kegel squeezes to strengthen pelvic muscles responsible for maintaining erectile function; and prostate massage for its health promoting benefits, its grounding pleasure and the general well-being it provides.

Side effects include: grounded presence, sustained vitality and a healthy, radiant glow.

60 Minutes $220 (sans bath)
90 Minutes $280 (with bath) – recommended for 1st visit
2 Hours $340 (with bath)