He’s an astronaut she’s a spaceship
Kinda like his ho her pimp
Marm M’Lady he calls his baby
This is their relationship

N/om talk teaser
He’s an expert clitty pleaser
Tasing with his love laser
Only he’s equipped to un-freeze her

In her seat he’s got her squirming
It’s his meat that’s got her yearning
She touches his cock it’s hard as rock
In her bed tossing turning

Flying high on a night flight
Jupiter and Mars really are out of sight
Cunny humming to the beat of his tummy
Pussy swollen tight with delight

Riding his knee so filled with glee
Tickling her witches teat
Full from desire she burns with a fire
Traveling a midnight dream

Its no race when he slides into space
She’s climbing and grinding all over his face
Tickle teasing yoni pleasing
Pouring with pleasure all over the place

Cooking her up with his mystical mind
He’s eating her live deep from inside
Fucking her silly with his fake willy
Marm always loves a good thyme

Biting and pinching and licking her nips      
Trippin’ on quips she slips on soft lips
He’s polishing his pearl
Drinking from her hot horny hungry hips

Lucid lovers they’re undercover
Big daddy the holy mother
She’s gonna come he gives her his tongue
Oh what a druther

Long and slow to tenderize
She’s sucking him dry till he comes from his eyes
On his cock she gently rocks and
He’s realized he’s been Marmalized

Coming together pulling apart
Bringing tickle to his tender heart
A royal fucking by a cock so loving
She’s one smart little tart

Sparring and jarring the name of the game
They always playing less than tame
Whom is she kidding? She’ll do his bidding
Comes to him she has no shame

On the beach in the sun drunk on rum
She said she’ll eat his beauty bum
Shock jockeys playing tonsil hockey
They’ve never had so much fun

Oh sweetie sugar honey pie
She surprises his wild eyes
Pleasure a measure the treasure we found
Please don’t ever say