My training and experience has taught me that men have a sacred spot in addition to the prostate gland.  The sacred spot is a space just inside the first and second sphincters, approximately one knuckle deep.  Stimulation of this area can help to promote ejaculation with those experiencing delayed ejaculation and deeper, prostate massage stimulation can help prevent ejaculation.

The experience begins with a short bath ritual, followed by energetic and vigorous touch.  This is done to ease any initial anxiety and in preparation for the internal massage.  Starting with a gentle massage of the perineum and slowly moving to the sacred spot will stimulate an inner relaxation causing the hip and adductor muscles to relax and butterfly.  While holding this space and increasing breath-work a “ballooning” can be felt inside the pelvic floor area.   This allows for a deeper, freer massage of the prostate gland.  Feeling for tension areas and pleasure spots brings additional pleasure from the increased stimulation.  In some instances, the receiver will start to meet my finger by rocking the pelvis.

Including deep abdominal breathing during the extended genital and prostate massage will relax the body armouring and greatly enhance the over-all experience.  Breath-work is what, ultimately, brings forth a whole body orgasmic experience.  As a person begins to recognize the chronic tension and holding patterns held within the body, an awareness will also develop.  With intention and touch the body can begin to “re-wire” it’s nervous system and find a natural rhythm and frequency.