What is a regular day like for you?

My typical day consists of empowering and educating men with practical skill for ejaculation mastery and educating them on principles of self-care and whole-body healing.  Together we practice conscious breathing, communication, and meditation techniques that bring forth a sense of well-being and balance.  Men can be affected by sexual health issues surrounding erectile dysfunction, premature or delayed ejaculation and at times, an inability to define or express their emotional needs. They may also suffer a great deal of stress and loneliness due to work and lifestyle demands.

I provide a safe environment for these brave men to explore their feelings, fears, hopes and desires.  A space where they are heard without judgement and appreciated for their contributions.  I remain present and supportive during our time together and uplift with words of encouragement and touch.

It is my hope visitors will take with them an experience of peace, greater understanding of themselves and a new found willingness to dive deeper within.  My typical day is really quite beautiful.

Art by Michelle Bellerose